3 Simple Steps to Create Change Today

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present

3 Simple Steps to Create Change Today

I wanted to write this blog post due to more of a pet peeve than anything. Far to many times people wait until its too late to create a positive change. The story presented is that they will start on Monday, or on New Years Day, or after my birthday. So what’s the problem if they have a plan? Below are three simple steps to create a change the right way, right now.

1. Create a Plan

Sit down and outline exactly what you are looking to change. The first step to any improvement is to identify the problem and expose it. What is wrong and what can improve? What does your ideal state look like in 30, 60, 90 days? Do you need help, if so from who? Do not be embarrassed or scared, everyone has challenges. Remember, you could have a problem with a product you are ready to release, a drug problem, a eating disorder, financial problems…Your problems are no different than your bosses or your role model. There is no reason why you cannot create an impact on your life. No EXCUSE.

2. Start Now

Wait, like right now? YES! This very second… you have just started your plan whether you like it or not. Are you looking to quit smoking cigarettes? Guess what, you just did and you will not have one more..You will not quit after this pack. Get up right now and throw them away. This is the MOST IMPORTANT step. If you wait for 5 minutes you are already failing yourself. Is your “problem” different from someone else? NOPE, drop what you are doing and fix it now. The element of change does not exist by waiting. Change happens when you allow it to and its happening now.

3. Evaluate & Measure

Evaluate what you are doing and measure the success. Is there something you can do different to create a larger positive impact? This is a great time to evaluate your plan and identify if you are meeting your goals. Along with that, re-plan for your next goals. Measure and execute.

Get out there and make a difference today. Remember you put your pants on the same way as everyone else and can do anything you set your mind to.

This post was written by Sean Gibbons.

4 Simple Ways to Make A Difference

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody

4 Simple Ways to Make A Difference

Greet Them with Enthusiasm

Set the tone for the day by being vibrant and enthusiastic. Keep it simple and sweet and make an impact.

Compliment Others

Take a few moments to compliment your peers or even just tell them what a good job they are doing, it will go further than you think.

Hold the Door for Someone

Not everyone should be in a rush, take the extra couple of seconds to hold the door open for the person behind you.


Don’t overlook the power of this. Your smile sets the pace for your mood, make sure you are in front.

This post was written by Sean Gibbons

3 Reasons Why Self Esteem is Your Biggest Obstacle


3 Reasons Why Self Esteem is Your Biggest Obstacle

1. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

Self esteem is one of those topics that isn’t talked about enough. Most individuals fail not because their idea didn’t work out, but simply because they didn’t believe they could carry out an action before they even starting it. Can you image how silly it sounds for someone to buy something from you when you don’t even believe in the product or yourself as a representative. Convince yourself before you convince others.

2.  Don’t beat yourself at your own game

This really ties in to our points above. The idea is to give yourself the opportunity to win. Discrediting your idea before it starts doesn’t even allow your boss or customer have the opportunity to shut it down. You have already lost before you have begun.  Dianne Sawyer once said, “Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.”

3. Fear is just a feeling

I’ll reference the quote in the previous point as the basis of my argument. Every single person in this country has an equal right to success in anything. There is always this pre-conceived notion that there are privileged individuals who have a better chance of success. I cannot say this is true or not, but what I can say is that the CEO of General Mills and the student at a local community college put their pants on the same way every day. I cannot stress the importance of not fearing your peers. You can & you will succeed as long as you believe it, have the will to work for it and never quit.


This post was written by Sean Gibbons.

3 Steps to Make a Difference


Self doubt. Everyone has experienced this at one point or another. Job interviews, first dates, college exams, trying a new recipe, working out, staying healthy, the list could continue forever. These are just a few things that cause people to doubt themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY. But why?

Why is it that going into an interview you sometimes think:

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if I don’t get the job?”

“What if there is someone better than me?”

The WHAT IF’S are eating away at your happiness, trust me.. I have learned. When you doubt yourself you are only giving everyone else a reason to doubt you. The first person you have to prove wrong is yourself. You are wrong when you think you will bomb the interview, you are wrong when you tell yourself that you didn’t study good enough for that exam and you are definitely wrong when you tell yourself that you are not good enough. I decided to break down the small steps you can take in order to start proving yourself(doubt) wrong.

Step 1 – SET A GOAL

For this particular exercise, you want to set a pretty big goal. That does not mean to land a job as a CEO within a month when you are currently an administrative assistant, it must be attainable. For instance, if you are trying to get back and shape set a goal to get in the gym and workout 4 days a week. WRITE IT DOWN on paper and tell yourself every single day that you are going to make that goal.


This is an interesting step and I think its super important. You need to tell someone about your goal. Whether it be your husband/wife, best friend or your coworker. You need someone else to keep you accountable. That way not only will you prove your self(doubt) wrong, you can also prove other people wrong when they doubt your ability to attain the goals. For example, I would tell my husband about my fitness goal so that when Wednesday rolls around and I REALLY want to sit and drink wine on the couch, he will remind me what my goals are. (Or he will sit on the couch and drink wine with me…. Let’s hope for that first option)

Step 3 – CRUSH IT

Well obviously?! Get to the gym every day you promised yourself you would. This is a small life goal and you should be crushing it. Think about what made you set this goal in the first place: are you trying to be super fit? Just trying to get healthier? Wanting to look good in that bikini? Think about it every day and make sure you meet that goal. Remember, we set a realistic goal so it will be easy to attain. You have to set small goals at first so that you can get a few small victories under your belt. That way, when it comes time to reaching a BIG goal (did somebody say CEO?) you will have the confidence you need to get there.

After proving to yourself that you CAN do that one thing that you told yourself you CANNOT do because you don’t have enough time, money, patience, etc. now you need to do it all over again. Do it all over again with something bigger. The more goals you crush the more that the self doubt in your head is going to diminish.


This post was written by Ashley Gibbons. Ashley is a motivated millennial set out to spread new & positive ways of thinking to today’s generations. You can follow her at:



3 Easy Steps to Kick Your Stress to the Curb

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen

3 Easy Steps to Kick Your Stress to the Curb

1. Clear Your Mind

Not everything we do qualifies as a life-or-death experience. Let’s be honest, some things can just wait. Typically people believe that stress is born due to having too much work, or perhaps something going wrong or potentially wrong. Now, I can’t stop any of these things and typically neither can you. So how can we reduce the pain that this causes. The first is to write down your total work load down daily. Each morning I spend 5-10 minutes creating a check list of all the action items I have due. This could be overwhelming, but I do not stop until I get everything on my piece of paper. This exercise allows you to remove the clutter of thought from your brain which prohibits the process that makes you feel overwhelmed.

2. Organize & Prioritize

Your check list is written and your mind is clear. Your next step is to prioritize your action items by most important to least important. The items that get worked on first WILL NOT be the items that have the closest due date. You will focus specifically first on the items that will create the greatest impact to what you are doing. If you are in sales like I am, I focused on my largest accounts first, then move down my list.

3. Execute

When starting a task, place 100 percent of your focus solely on that activity until it is completed. By now, you are probably asking how the heck this will reduce stress. You are probably asking why multi-tasking isn’t more effective. This exercise is not a diaper for your stress, it is a solution to kick stress to the curb. By religiously following this exercise you will start to realize the return on your investments. You will learn not to sweat the small stuff and life will move on. You will spend less time “fixing” problems, and more time executing plans.

Get out there and win.

Sean Gibbons


The Importance of Believing in YOU


Happy Tuesday y’all!

My name is Ashley; I am a guest blogger for Words of Balance & I am seriously SO excited to be here and share with you some of my favorite ways to stay positive and driven in this crazy world we live in. I wanted to talk about something today that I think gets swept under the rug when it comes to achieving your goals & being successful; because that’s what we all want in life right?!

I believe that there are 7 easy (jk, nothing worth having is easy) steps to success:

Dream it

Everything begins in the heart and mind, DREAM big

*Believe it

Your dream should be big & seemingly beyond your capabilities; but BELIEVABLE.

See it

On the daily, picture yourself in your mind exactly where you want to be.. SEE yourself as that CEO, business owner or professional snorkeler (hey you never know)

Tell it

As much as you want to keep some dreams and ideas to yourself, it is important to TELL people about your dreams. The more you say it, the more you believe it.

Plan it

Your dream won’t just happen, you have to work on your dream PLAN. “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”

Work it

These steps weren’t so bad until we got to this one.. Unfortunately for some of the lazy ones this is the toughest. You have to WORK really hard every.single.day.

Enjoy it

Don’t skip this step! Not only do you need to ENJOY your success once you meet that goal, but you need to enjoy the ride that you took to get there. Be generous and live out that dream — then go back to number 1 and dream even BIGGER!

Easy enough right? WRONG! While these 7 steps are absolutely great, easy to follow & seem somewhat attainable… There is something really important that I believe is left out of this 7 step program. *THE IMPORTANCE OF BELIEVING IN YOU! How can we believe in our dreams and our aspirations if we don’t first believe in ourselves? Our mind is such a strong, valuable and powerful organ in our body and you truly can do so much with it. While you are going through these 7 steps to success, I challenge you to stop at Step 2 (Believe) and really spend some time there. Spend some time telling yourself just how great your dream is and most importantly telling yourself how great you are.

There really is absolutely no one in this universe who is the same as you. There is no one as great, no one as smart, no one as strong, no one as beautiful and no one YOU-ER than you!

Let that soak in, and go make those dreams a reality. After all,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford



This post was written by Ashley Gibbons. Ashley is a motivated millennial set out to spread new & positive ways of thinking to todays generations. You can follow her at:




How to Change Yourself in Positive Way

at the end of your

Have you ever wonder what steps it might take to change yourself? Without change through this journey we call life, you could be sitting there wondering what it might of been. Nobody likes change but its necessary to to have the life we want and in order to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve. Here are some quick steps to make a change within yourself…

    1) Get real with yourself

If you’re having trouble with budgeting your finances, managing your health, live life problems in your professional life, any other areas, go ask for advice and get feedback from those who love you. Don’t take this feedback as criticism, but take it as honesty from people that want you to do better in life.  They’re your biggest fans and you just need to listen to what they have to say with because they probably have valuable insight on what you need to work on in order to have an improved life.  You might not like what they have to say but they mean well because they only want the best for you.

   2) Build a support network

This is critical because you need to be picky about the people you spend with. They should be people that share the same interests and goals as they have a major influence on your life. They say you are the average of the 5 people you spent the most time with. If you hang out with more entrepreneurs, the odds are going to be high that you’ll be starting your own business if thats your end goal. This group are the one that believe in you and want to go through the journey with you. They are your support system and will try to support you no matter how many lows and highs you might endure.

3) Take baby steps

This is important as well because people tends to go fast and you want to enjoy the journey and thats by taking multiple small steps to head to success. Studies have shown by taking the small steps towards anything you want to achieve, the rate of success is pretty high as a string of the correct decisions is key to achieving your goals.

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser.  He’s a tenacious young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Linkedin.



5 Steps to Setting & Achieving 2016 Goals


5 Steps to Setting & Achieving 2016 Goals

We all set goals and all to often lose sight of them all to quickly. As the new year kicks in full effect, I am going to give you an easy tool to set goals & reach them by being SMART.

1.Set Specific Goals

Sit down and write out 10 items that want to achieve this year. Now take a look at each individual line item and write a very specific statement. “I will loose 25 pounds by the end of 2016.” Notice this has a specific point and sets a period of time the goal needs to be reached.

2.Ensure Your Goal is Measurable

You have written down your rough draft of 10 goals you want to achieve but they still need modification (or may need). Ensure every goal is measurable and has a specific piece of information that can be formally proved. A good example is that you are looking to lose 25lbs by the end of 2016. A bad example would be “I am going to be nice to my parents.” If you have what is considered a bad example, ask your self how am I going to do this. Start with actions…”I am going to be nice to my parents by complimenting them once a week until the end of 2016.”

3. Attainable

When writing your goals, you want to ensure your goals are attainable. Now, I am not saying to go easy on yourself, but make sure they are possible. My best recommendation here is to set a good goal you can hit, then a secondary “stretch” goal that may be just out of your reach.

4. Realistic

This goes on right along side with attainable. You want to ensure your goals are realistic and not to far fetched. The idea is to challenge yourself, but at the same time hit your goals. Setting unrealistic goals not only diminishes self esteem, but it causes failure from the start.

5. Timely

The last point to note when writing your goals is to attach a time period specific to what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to lose a specific amount of weight, when are going to do that? What is your deadline. I also recommend setting pace markers through out the year to help keep yourself on track. Break it up monthly or quarterly to help monitor your progress.

Now, I can’t promise you success with hitting your goals. However, if you follow this 5 step system, it will help align you to having a successful 2016.

-Sean Gibbons

12 Rules to make 2016 your best one yet…

2016 (1)

It’s a new year, which means setting new goals for yourself to reach within the next 12 months. It could mean working out more and eating healthier, which is everyone’s favorite one, or saving up for that dream house. It could be starting a business, whatever the case it may be, it involves careful planning and execution. But here are some rules to make this year your best one yet!

  1. Choose happiness
  2. Simply be you
  3. Don’t undervalue yourself and don’t worry about what others think about you, what you think about yourself is more important
  4. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Take risks
  5. Chose your circle wisely. (They said you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with)
  6. Don’t compare your life to others. Take a look in the mirror, that’s your competition.
  7. Love yourself first
  8. Invest in yourself, please focus on yourself before others
  9. Follow your passions, whatever that may be.
  10. Don’t be afraid to be amazing
  11. Write your own story
  12. Be persistent and consistent with all you want to accomplish.

We here at the WordsofBalance.com wish you an amazing year full of happiness, prosperity, and great health! Thank you all for being a loyal reader throughout the years. Cheers!

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser.  He’s a tenacious young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Linkedin.

Live the way you always wanted…why wait??


It’s a new month and another month until a new year! Can you believe it? This year has flew by! Have you had a huge goal that you think was impossible? Maybe you wanted to lose that 15 pounds or start that business you been dreaming about for years? A lot of us, including myself are scared of taking that first step. We’re waiting for the perfect timing to start on our goals but in reality, the best time is now!! Tomorrow or the next day might not be there for us, so don’t wait and live in the now. Taking risks is scary for a lot of us, but what’s even scarier? Regret. Think long and hard about your goals and what you need to do to attain them. Form that support group so when it gets hard, you’ll have a core group of people that alway’s support you and cheer you on as you continue your journey. So get out there, dream big, follow your passions, take risks, put a plan together, and execute! Don’t be scared to fail!! Life is too short so why not live the live you’ve been dreaming about a reality? Live life to the fullest!

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser.  He’s a young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/daviidchau