The 4 Steps to Success

Hi everyone, how’s everyone’s year coming along? I can’t believe February is just about over and March will be here! Is everyone making progress in their goals? Remember, it’s all about the journey, everyone has their own story and you and only you are writing your life story. Today, I wanted to talk about the 4 essential steps to succeed from a post from Brendon Burchard, one of the word’s leading high performance coach and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. Here are his 4 steps:

  1. Desire: Are you hungry enough to reach your goals and accomplish what you set your mind to do? Desire comes in many shapes and form, but mostly it come from within. Once you desire something, you will do anything in your power to make your goals happen and you get excited about it! What is your vision for yourself? Don’t you want to be the best version of yourself? Go out to travel the world, go experience life, try new hobbies, that will help you find the desires you want! Do it for yourself. 🙂
  2. Direction: Many people may have the desire, but they are not willing to do the hard work hat demands learning to stretch their competency, to get direction from other people. Success never comes easy, but people need to have a plan to get to their goals accomplished. When you desire something, you must have a map or else you’ll never reach the destination you want. We should always be learning and we won’t be able to achieve any results if we don’t put the hard work in.
  3. Discipline: These are habits that people must be consistent with in order to get the results you want. You need a high level of discipline each and every single day. You need to set up repeated habits, repeated methods and practices in your life that you do over and over again to move you toward your desire. It’s a requirement but it needs to be joyful habit in order to achieve your goals.
  4. Distraction Radar:  You need to be good with managing distractions because it’s everywhere and it will get in your way of your goals and dreams. You must be focused when trying to pursue your goals. We all get distracted by things all the time and must ask ourselves this question: “What distractions do I need to kick out in order to have more time to achieve my goals?” I think if we can figure that part out, you’ll have more time for yourself and you’ll gain more focus/energy for what you want to accomplish.

What do you think of these steps? They are simple steps but they can be hard to follow.  I hope you all take these post into consider to make some changes in your life so your can make your dreams a reality one day!

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser. He’s a tenacious young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Linkedin.

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