The Power of Happiness

Hi everyone,

This is our first post of 2017, how’s everyone’s new year going so far?? I hope you’re all making progress towards all your goals and having an awesome year so far! I just finished a book called “Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graziosi, which a book I totally recommend you all to check out. It had some great content and lessons that I’ll be incorporating in my own life but the one chapter that stood out to me was the one about happiness. Dean talks about the importance of creating your own internal happiness, if we can find happiness on the inside, the things that we want are just that more obtainable. The next level of income, passion, true love etc may make us happy in that moment but it all goes away unless you learn how to create happiness within yourself. Dean talks about a list of ten specific habits and thought processes that he thinks are the quickest ways to happiness.

  1. Define what happiness looks and feels like to you.
  2. Make the present your friend
  3. Stop over-thinking
  4. Focus on a positive outcome
  5. Let go of specific outcomes
  6. Don’t be afraid to fail
  7. Let go of grudges
  8. Be grateful of what’s in front of you
  9. Don’t settle for “good enough”
  10. Be part of something bigger

So what do you think about these steps? Are you creating your internal happiness? Take a look at your own life and see if you’re creating your inner happiness. It’s important to take some of these thoughts and turn them in daily habits. I hope you have a great week and be sure to share this blog post with somebody that might need to read this!

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser. He’s a tenacious young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Linkedin.



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