John Wooden’s 7 Point Creed

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend ! I just recently finish a course called Framework of Success, which features the lessons of the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, who influenced the people around him to live a more successful life. I definitely recommend everyone to take this free course and if you’re interested,  click here! This will be another short post but these 7 rules are what John Wooden’s dad gave to him when he was just a kid that graduated from elementary school and it’s something that impacted his life in a positive way, which lead to his success with UCLA basketball and his legendary lessons. His 7 point creed is what I want to share with you all, which are

1. Be true to yourself.
2. Make each day your masterpiece.
3. Help others.
4. Drink deeply from good books, including the Good Book.
5. Make friendship a fine art.
6. Build a shelter against a rainy day.
7. Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.

I think these are all simple things we can follow in our daily lives, I actually wrote it these rules on an index card the other day for me to take a look and remind myself. I hope you all took something from this post and I believe this will help your life to the fullest. John Wooden is legendary for a reason and his success principles are simple. We all have control of our lives to be the best version of ourselves and become satisfied with the effort we put forth to be successful.  It’s all within us to take action to live the life we were always meant to live.  I hope everyone has another great week! Strive on and take action!

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser. He’s a tenacious young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Linkedin.



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