The Importance of Believing in YOU


Happy Tuesday y’all!

My name is Ashley; I am a guest blogger for Words of Balance & I am seriously SO excited to be here and share with you some of my favorite ways to stay positive and driven in this crazy world we live in. I wanted to talk about something today that I think gets swept under the rug when it comes to achieving your goals & being successful; because that’s what we all want in life right?!

I believe that there are 7 easy (jk, nothing worth having is easy) steps to success:

Dream it

Everything begins in the heart and mind, DREAM big

*Believe it

Your dream should be big & seemingly beyond your capabilities; but BELIEVABLE.

See it

On the daily, picture yourself in your mind exactly where you want to be.. SEE yourself as that CEO, business owner or professional snorkeler (hey you never know)

Tell it

As much as you want to keep some dreams and ideas to yourself, it is important to TELL people about your dreams. The more you say it, the more you believe it.

Plan it

Your dream won’t just happen, you have to work on your dream PLAN. “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”

Work it

These steps weren’t so bad until we got to this one.. Unfortunately for some of the lazy ones this is the toughest. You have to WORK really hard

Enjoy it

Don’t skip this step! Not only do you need to ENJOY your success once you meet that goal, but you need to enjoy the ride that you took to get there. Be generous and live out that dream — then go back to number 1 and dream even BIGGER!

Easy enough right? WRONG! While these 7 steps are absolutely great, easy to follow & seem somewhat attainable… There is something really important that I believe is left out of this 7 step program. *THE IMPORTANCE OF BELIEVING IN YOU! How can we believe in our dreams and our aspirations if we don’t first believe in ourselves? Our mind is such a strong, valuable and powerful organ in our body and you truly can do so much with it. While you are going through these 7 steps to success, I challenge you to stop at Step 2 (Believe) and really spend some time there. Spend some time telling yourself just how great your dream is and most importantly telling yourself how great you are.

There really is absolutely no one in this universe who is the same as you. There is no one as great, no one as smart, no one as strong, no one as beautiful and no one YOU-ER than you!

Let that soak in, and go make those dreams a reality. After all,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford



This post was written by Ashley Gibbons. Ashley is a motivated millennial set out to spread new & positive ways of thinking to todays generations. You can follow her at:



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