The change within yourself

at the end of your

This quote is great because its really self-explanatory but for most people, it’s definitely hard. Nobody else has the power to change themselves, not your friends, family, or time. Doing nothing about it won’t get you anywhere and well, time is money. The power of change is all within yourself and it’s really important everyone knows that because life truly is all about growth and learning. Life is a journey and if we want to reach our goals such as losing weight or starting a business, change must happen and it all starts with you.  Focus on yourself and not others, because in the end you have to change yourself. Self-accountability is key! Ask yourself, what changes do I need to make in my life currently in order to get where I want to be? Taking risks? What plans of action do I need to take to make my dreams happen?  The only person that knows that answer is you! So the one question I ask you today, is what are you doing today to start that journey to make that change(s) in life?

This post was written by David Chau. David is a musician, marketer, and passion chaser.  He’s a young business professional that enjoys helping people any way he can. You can connect with David on Twitter @davidbchau or on Facebook at

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