1 Easy Way to Capitalize on Life


1 Easy Way to Capitalize on Life

1. Stop Saying No!

I’ve come to a realization in my life how often I say the word no. Those two letters can end any conversation within seconds. Have you ever stepped back and actually realized the opportunities or experiences you have missed out on by blurting out that “oh-so-easy” word.

As humans evolve along with technology, we adapt to our lives changing pace and are constantly looking for a quicker way to do things. Faster ways to communicate, to search the internet, to get to your destination faster. Conversations have become shorter, words are abbreviated (LOL, OMG).

So, why do I say no & why did I stop?

I am guilty of the statements above. I am a man of convenience! I love my easy button!

In the past month I have done some trials with myself to see how my life would evolve if I simply stopped saying “NO.”

I’ve noticed a change for the better. I am more willing to take risks, more daring. I am willing to challenge myself, to be spontaneous and explore life’s many opportunities. To travel with a minimal agenda, explore just out of curiosity.

How can you do this?

Start by recognizing when you say “NO” and replace it with the following:

“Why Not?”

“I’m not against it.”

“Worth a try.”

I challenge everyone starting today to try this and share your stories of how your life evolves.

This post was written by Sean Gibbons. Sean is a young professional set out to challenge the thoughts of todays’ generations. You can follow him at:




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