5 Easy Steps to a Happy Life

every day think as you wake up

5 Easy Steps to a Happy Life

1. Compliment a Stranger

Make someone else feel good about themselves. Pick something small, and share your positive thoughts with a stranger daily.

2. Smile

Easily one of the most underrated actions someone can do. Not only does a smile improve your mood, but enlightens those around you. Share this with your friends, family & co-workers.

3. Say Hello

Why is it that you have to keep to yourself? Ask a stranger about their day. After all, you never know who you might meet.

4. Don’t Judge

It is so easy to judge someone, we are all guilty of it. Realize that not everyone is going to have a great day. Understand this and do your best to stay positive for yourself and others.

5. Stop Saying No

No is such a short and powerful word. Two letters that can end any opportunity in seconds. I’ll expand on this further in our next post.

This post was written by Sean Gibbons. Sean is a young professional set out to challenge the thoughts of todays’ generations. You can follow him at:




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