We Dare You to Embrace the Habits You Already Have

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We Dare You to Embrace the Habits You Already Have

1. Follow Through

You follow through on commitments every day. Commitments to your boss to be to work on time, commitments to your significant other to love them unconditionally,  and commitments to your dog to take her on a walk. But have you followed through on your commitment to read a new book, start that company, or visit the gym?  You choose on which commitments you follow through.

2. Try

“Do or do not, there is no try.” – Yoda – Are you trying at what you do? Trying means I will do it, but if it gets hard I will look for something else. Trying means failing is an option. Trying is doing without a resolute commitment to make it happen. Now this does not mean you must keep trying and can never stop. It means you resolutely choose to stop and focus your energy on something in which you will do, not try. You choose what you do.

3.  Procrastinate

We have all known the habit of procrastination. Face it, no matter how much you want to avoid procrastinating, you will still do it. So procrastinate, but procrastinate on those things in your life that do not matter and start doing the things you know are worth while.

This post was written by Aaron Aslin. Aaron is an entrepreneur, amateur philosopher, and blogger. He uses his background in marketing to bring people to ideas that inspire, motivate, and create purpose in their lives. You can follow him @aaronaslin and facebook.com/aaronaslin

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One thought on “We Dare You to Embrace the Habits You Already Have

  1. Gosh. Ya I really need to just do instead of try! At least for my exercise goals. Thanks for liking my post. Cya around

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