We Challenge You to Live Positively

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3 Things You Can do Today to Live Positive

1. Acknowledge Yourself

I can’t stress it enough about how much people beat themselves up. Today I wan’t you to get up with a smile and acknowledge yourself. You work hard, and you should congratulate yourself for those efforts. Having high self-esteem will radiate positivity.

2. Acknowledge Others

It is all to common these days for people to put others down. It’s time to set a new trend in this world, which is why I challenge you to acknowledge the good doing of not one person, but three people today. Their smile will carry your own happiness a long way. Selfish? Yes, but I like it this way!

3. Do a Good Dead

Pick a stranger and buy them their meal in line, open a door for them or simply offer your own assistance. We all share this World together, lets take care of it and take care of each other.

Try it, I dare you.

This article was written by Sean Gibbons. Sean is visionary and entrepreneur seeking to make a difference one person at a time. Join him on his journey through life.


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